COVID 19 letter

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16 March 2020

Dear Prettyboy Veterinary Hospital family, friends, and clients,

We hope that this email finds you well. The email servers are all exploding with new on-line offers and news from the State, Nation, CDC and anyone else who has news to spread, but I hope you take the time to read this email and understand the measures we are taking to keep you, your pets, and the community at large safe during this unprecedented health event.

Derek and I purchased the practice almost 16 years ago. In that time, we have cared for many of your pets from puppy and kittenhood, to senior status. We are very proud of the community we serve. Our children have been raised here, attended school here, participated in multiple sports and theater productions.  Baltimore County is as part of us as we are of it.

With that being said, we want to try and help keep our community, our county and state healthy. We have adjusted our staff schedule to keep the total number of people in the hospital under ten when ever possible.   Why ten? This is the number published by the CDC to attempt to keep immune-compromised and elderly persons safe.  We recognize that all of us are not older or immune-compromised, but feel that this is an important step in trying to mitigate exposure to everyone.  To do this, we need your co-operation. Please be on time for your appointments. Please call when you reach the hospital, we will have you come in when a room is available. We will place you and your pet in a room as soon as possible. We will also be checking you out in the examination room to decrease flow in the reception area.  If your pet has a technician appointment, for example bloodwork, please call from your car when you arrive at PBVH. We will come to your car, get your pet and take care of your pet. Again, this is in order to get you and your pet(s) in and out with the least amount of exposure to others.  We will call you with results. We will strictly limiting elective procedures like toe nail trims.

We are currently open and have regular scheduled hours. If you don’t feel well for any reason, please reschedule your appointment. Emergencies occur, but if at all possible please call before you come in.  If your pet needs prescriptions,  call us prior, we will prepare it, then call us when you get to PBVH and we will walk it out to your car. Our staff is here to help! Our business is not a telecommuting profession, but we will answer questions and look at emails as often as we can. Please understand that often we need to see your pet to best treat your pet.

 A clean environment is crucial to us on any day, but the staff is cleaning hard to keep all high touch surfaces as bacterial and virus free as possible. Our staff has been instructed to stay home when they don’t feel well or have potential exposure to a COVID-19 case.

 Being at home and restricted is difficult. Research has indicated for years that pets reduce stress and promote happiness.  Your furry friend is there to help and more than willing to sit with you or go for a walk. What we know about COVID-19 is continuously evolving. There are currently no cases of COVID-19 in pets or evidence of pets spreading the disease to people or other pets. The CDC does, however recommend that if you are sick with COVID-19 you should avoid kissing, snuggling, and sharing food with your pet.

 Other ideas for decreasing your stress are: #HeyJennLookatme and #Sunshinesongs. These are additional wonderful examples of a little bit of happiness that are present on the web for you. Both of these sites give the chance to young performers who will be unable to participate in their spring performances for theater or music to show you their work. WOW! The world has some great talent!

Our family played cards on the deck yesterday.  We are cooking from scratch and making bread as my Grandmother did.  We will be watching some classic movies today.  Watch the news and keep up to date on current reports from CDC, WHO, you Governor  and the President.  Wash your hands often, cover your mouth when you cough, and your nose when you sneeze.  But, also pick up a book if you have free time, check in on your neighbor,  really talk to your kids, or even call an old friend.   Stress and panic will not improve your immune system. Our Hereford community is strong and will continue to be.  Take care of you.

Please call if you have any questions or concerns. We will keep you updated as needed.

Be well,

Drs. Kim, Derek and Rachael, and all of the Prettyboy Veterinary Hospital Staff